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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for people between 15 to 35 years old, representing about 50% of deaths in developing countries. Every day, about 3,000 lives are terminated early due to traffic accidents, reaching a staggering 1.3 million lives annually.

Changing Youth and road users’ behavior on key risk factors for road traffic injuries (speeding, drink–driving, failure to use helmets, seat belts and child restraints properly or at all) is a key component for improving road safety. Youth are a key audience of RS:Learn. Educational programmes and campaigns are delivered in collaboration with  academic institutions, NGOS, and  the private sector.




UNITAR, Road traffic injuries claim 1.35 million lives each year with a disproportionate impact on health and development. 

They are the ninth leading cause of death across all age groups globally and the leading cause among young people aged between 15 and 29 years (WHO 2018).

The e-learning course aims to raise awareness and build capacity among the youth to be safer road user champions. It sheds light on the importance of road safety measures and provides core skill sets and knowledge on safer road behaviours.

It also explores various different ways to help combat road traffic injuries and death.

Please click here to register. (Language of the course: English)

Road Safety Series

The Road Safety Show is an educational programme that aims to raise awareness among youth about the importance of adopting a respectful traffic culture in order to prevent and reduce traffic incidents.

The Road Show is a multimedia educational program about road safety, structured as a theatrical presentation directed at teens and 16-21 years. The show brings multimedia and emotion presented in a great setting (usually in a cinema or theater) to approximately 300-500 participants. A combination of lights, music and sound effects are skillfully added to create for an environment specific mood and the show’s connotation.

The program includes audio-visual effects, information, testimony of direct participants and victims of road accidents in the region where the Road Show takes place with firefighters and paramedics. The presentation has an approximate duration of 1 hour. The program was developed by psychologists and police officers with several years of experience in road safety and has been adapted for adolescents, and their mindset and emotions.

The Safety Campus Tour is a one-year initiative of CIFAL Philippines in collaboration with Honda Philippines to raise awareness among youth about road safety risks and to prepare them to become responsible drivers.

The programme equips young people with knowledge of road signs, traffic rules, and a sensible driving attitude. Examples of irresponsible driving are presented to encourage the participants to always practice safe and defensive driving.

Other activities such as simultaneous test drive sessions are held, aimed at teaching youth the correct techniques in riding a motorcycle. The test drive emphasizes the need for proper safety precautions for motorcycle-riding, especially the use of helmets.

iSafe: The safer India Challenge

An annual road safety championship across 500+ colleges in India in collaboration with Ministry of Road Transport and Highways of India to use the expertise of students across sectors to make path breaking changes in the field of road safety. 

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