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The Road Safety Learning Partnership Platform offers high-quality e-learning courses and postgraduate diplomas to strengthen knowledge in the area of road safety within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals in this UN Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011–2020.

Management Practices for Safer Roads

Improvements in infrastructure planning, design and construction, including the provision of safe infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists can reduce the risks that lead to road traffic injuries and fatalities. 

This Toolkit is an interactive e-learning tool that presents a management methodology that can help improve road safety.

The Toolkit highlights local demonstration projects implemented in different countries across continents including Brazil, China, Dominican Republic, India, Mexico and South Africa.

It is based on the premise that achieving road safety targets requires, among others, improving existing road infrastructure for the benefit of all road users, especially the most vulnerable.

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Youth and Road Safety Championing Safer Road Users

Road traffic injuries claim 1.35 million lives each year with a disproportionate impact on health and development. 

They are the ninth leading cause of death across all age groups globally and the leading cause among young people aged between 15 and 29 years (WHO 2018).

The e-learning course aims to raise awareness and build capacity among the youth to be safer road user champions. It sheds light on the importance of road safety measures and provides core skill sets and knowledge on safer road behaviours.

It also explores various different ways to help combat road traffic injuries and death.

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Road Safety: Risks Reduction Techniques

In the 16 modules of the online course you’ll learn how to drive safely by analysing the factors present in road traffic crashes, discover the strategies that help prevent occupational risks and to drive efficiently, improve your safety by learning specific driving techniques, and much more.

Upon completion, you will be presented with a Certificate issued by UNITAR, CIFAL Madrid and RACE Training Academy.

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Postgraduate Diploma on Road Safety Management and Leadership

The Postgraduate Diploma on Road Safety Management and Leadership offered by UNITAR, CIFAL Madrid, RACE and the European University empowers individuals responsible for road safety with knowledge and practical tools that will enable them to reduce traffic fatalities.

Agenda 2030

Knowledge is the fuel that can power the transformations required for countries to achieve the 2030 Agenda. Learn about the Sustainable Development Goals and explore how to mainstream the Goals in national development planning and strategies.

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