About RS: Learn

Allée des drapeaux of the United Nations in Geneva.

The Road Safety Learning and Partnership Platform is a collaborative initiative that aims to support countries to design and implement systematic, recurrent and results-oriented road safety learning.

At the global level, the Learning and Partnership Platform aims to support knowledge sharing, promote the development of learning materials and encourage interventions through collaboration. At the national level, it seeks to support targeted countries in developing and implementing road safety interventions.

The Learning and Partnership Platform “RS: Learn” includes:

1. Knowledge sharing and management materials: There is a wealth of training and learning materials on road safety. RS: Learn provides access to toolkits, learning materials, activities and services offered by UNITAR and partners. A Methodology on road safety data management is included here.

 2. Road safety courses: Products include a series of introductory modules and self-paced e-courses that provide “everything you need to know about road safety in a nutshell”, as well as resource guides for advanced learning.

3. Country projects: The assessments, interventions and learning practices of five pilot country projects are shared on the platform, along with a Methodology on road safety data management.

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